“Take a look at what the headlines have to offer. Move the words around as necessary. Don’t read the story. Or, do read the story. Whatever spurs your process along, regardless of the direction in which you spin.

Te he – I quoted the RWP spot…


Broken G String

Salacious music in an
8-track coarse bustle.
A homeward
spoon fling.
Elocution more like a
rancid diode rant.
Its hitch will coagulate
in a gamey froth.
A burdensome
old leg comes
from singing the blues.

Succinctly, what I wrote to  the Read Write Poem Prompt #88.
I believe that I used all of  the following words: spoon, fling, rancid, 8-track, coagulate, froth, salacious, diode, rant, hitch, bustle, coarse, elocution and homeward.

Too many cliches’s well up
within my mind.  I stand them
in the corner closely examining each.
I hope that there is one that has gone
unnoticed, untouched, purer than
the rest.

Angels, hearts, and flowers
spill across the page like heaps
of rose petals, promises of love
and a leftover brilliant starry night.

I crank up Wagner, reach concerto
heights with Bach and stand on
Beethoven’s 5th, as Jack Daniels
shakes my hand. Jack leans in close
and rolls his bourboned tongue
across my own.

Breathing deeply Dessay’s
operatic beauty tries an Aria
to sooth the ache that Jack
just wants to numb

There is only one word that cuts
it’s way from deep inside my aorta out…
Yearning…yearning… not for love;
but for her heart.